By expressing the features inherent in a project’s specific conditions, we seek a uniqueness of character, and strive for qualities which elevate a building into a distinguished piece of architecture.

Our first consideration is the client and user. The building will succeed if the client’s wishes and needs are fully satisfied, along with attention to site and environment — resulting in a unique quality and sense of appropriateness.

Our design approach is one of comparative design analysis — we offer several solutions, encourage client input, and create a final design which incorporates the best features of each solution.

As form and function develop, we consider energy conservation and low maintenance measures, with the goal of minimizing future operating and maintenance costs.

A design concept satisfying our client’s needs and budget is then translated into an accurate set of construction documents. We take pride in our well prepared documents — resulting in accurate bids and the best possible construction costs for our client.

Working closely with our consultants is very important. Smooth and efficient coordination between the various disciplines keeps initial construction costs down and project change orders to a minimum.

Detailed costs estimates are critical throughout the project — at an early stage in the design process they allow for design modifications which keep the project within budgetary constraints. At the end of the construction documents phase they allow the client to evaluate the project bids in a more knowledgeable manner.

From the initial design meeting with a client through the project’s construction, our policy of client participation and clear, open communication leads to a successful project. We look forward to working with you.

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"Shadows were the brush
work of the ancient architect.
Let the modern now work
with light. Light diffused,
light reflected, light for its own sake, shadows gratuitous.
It is the machine that makes modern these new
opportunities in glass."
Frank Lloyd Wright

"Architecture is
inhabited sculpture."

Constantin Brancusi

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