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Paul Thienes


BA General Studies, 1953
The University of Washington

BA Architecture, 1959
The University of Washington

Professional Licensing

Registered Architect State of Washington, 1963

Professional Experience

Fifteen years as a Partner in Thienes/Williams Architects
Paul Thienes Architect, Private Practice, 1969
John Morse & Associates, Architects
Bindon & Wright, Architects
Terry & Moore, Architects
Tucker & Shields, Architects
Miller-Pollard Design Associates, Interior Design


The U.S. Green Building Council

AIA, Past Chair Historic Preservation Committee

Arboretum Foundation

Mt. Baker Community Club, Past Chair
-- Land Use and Community Development

Departure Committee for Franklin High School formed by Seattle Bldg. Dept. as part of Master Use Process

King County Environmental Policy Commission

North Rainier Urban Village Planning Committee – Co-Chair

North Rainier Urban Village Stewardship Committee – Vice-Chair

South East Effective Development (SEED), non-profit development corporation, Board Member

"Architecture has recorded the great ideas of the human race. Not only every religious symbol, but every human thought has its page in that vast book."
Victor Hugo

"Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space."
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Project Resume:

Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Clients:

Medical, Dental Facilities:
-- 747 Medical/Dental Building
-- Medical/Dental Building, Clark Dev. Phase II
-- Medical/Dental Building Hospital
-- Highlands West Dental Building
-- Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic
-- Loper Eye Clinic
-- Bellevue Eye Clinic Mercer Island Tenant Improvement
-- B&H Dental Laboratory
-- Lake Forest Park Animal Hospital

City of Yakima Waste Water Treatment Plant:
-- Administration Bldg. & Additions and Alterations

United States Government:
-- Naval Support Center, Sand Point; Alterations to Officers Club.
-- National Parks System; Lake Crescent Lodge Alterations
-- Whidby Island Naval Air Station; Telephone Exchange Building

King County:
-- King County Jail - Schematic Design
-- King County Fleet Administration Office Tenant Improvement consultation
-- King County Fleet Administration Redmond Facility Feasibility Study

Anacortes Marina Community Center and Site coordination.

-- Hayes Hallmark Shop
-- Pioneer Shops
-- Yarn Boutique
-- Efficiency, Inc.; Office Building Alterations
-- Well-Done Service; Schematic Design for Office Addition
-- Mr. Fresh Foods; Development Study for new plant
-- Lime Shed Building Restoration; Retail Development
-- Phillips Scale Building; Alterations

Mixed Use:
-- Lighthouse Inn East; Retail/ Residential
-- Lighthouse Inn North; Retail/Office

-- Operational Emergency Center
-- Liberty Christian School
-- Bothell United Methodist Church - Alterations
-- Calvary Baptist Church
-- Mt. Baker Community Center; Architectural Consultant

-- Farmhouse Inn Restaurant
-- Lighthouse Inn; Additions and Alterations

Multi-Family and Residential Clients

-- City of Seattle: I-90 Freeway Lid Study, Housing Development & Park
-- Clark Development Condominiums
-- East Howell Townhomes

-- Bennett/Fong Residence
-- Edson Residence
-- Nordlund Residence & Beach House
-- Kaiser Residence - A.I.A. Home of the Month
-- Mitchell Residence - A.I.A. Home of the Month
-- Barbara & Charles Anderson Residence
-- Mullikin Residence - Phase I & II
-- Searight Residence
-- Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Addition, University of Washington

3201 First Avenue South
Suite 209
Seattle WA 98134
206/623-8760 FAX

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